Brian Boru

(in Gaelic)
Briain Borumha.

Ireland's greatest King

Brian was the twelfth son of Kennedy of Thomond.
His eldest brother Malachi (or Mahon) succeeded to the throne of Munster.
Both Malachi and Brian were exceptional men. When the Danes
began to overrun the country, the two brothers united,
and swept them back inside
their walled cities

Malachi was the more noble;
Brian was more forceful, capable and energetic.
When Malachi was killed by treachery,
Brian was undisputed king.

He reigned for thirty-nine years.
It was a time of unsurpassed glory,
prosperity and happiness. He promoted the
arts and learning. He is credited with having
originated surnames. His patriotism and personal sacrifice
brought the clans together, under one king,
for the only time in Irish history.

He was eighty-nine when his army
faced the armies of the Norsemen at the
Battle of Clontarf. Brian's warriors won
the day, but Brian was dead, as were his son
and grandson.

The days of Ireland's finest king were gone.
In the words of his eulogist,
"Brian was the last man in Erin who
was a match for a hundred."

The O'Brian Crest

(O' means descendent of)

Briain probably comes from Bran,

meaning, Raven, or Bre meaning hill.
means tribute.

Variations: O'Brien,
Brian, Brien, Bryant

Motto: Lamh Laidir An Uachdar
(The strong hand uppermost).




The Rock of Cashel
was where Brian Boru was
crowned in 1002.


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O'Brian Tower in
Co. Clare, where Brian Boru
originally lived.

Bunratty Castle
was once
the fortress of the O'Brian,
Kings of Thomond.

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The O'Donnell
The music you are hearing is Brian Boru's March.
Midi sequenced by
Barry Taylor

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